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Welcome!  Have a look around.  Clients LOVE the images we create for them.  If you’re not getting something you LOVE, what is the point?  If you would love images like these, contact us for a fun, no-obligation creative design session…

We shoot in a totally different way, specializing in showcasing  people & their passions on land or in the water (if the Ocean is just part of you like it is us).

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What We Do & Why

Lifestyle Portraiture

We all cringe at cheesy, superficially posed images because they are unnatural.
Photographers label images that are natural and real, “Lifestyle.”  The idea is that the captured images could have occurred whether or not a “photoshoot” was taking place.  We love these “Lifestyle” images; however, using photography to portray a person, “portrait,” is also a very beautiful thing.  
At Beach Shoot, we create both “Lifestyle & Portrait” images WITHOUT the cheese & unnatural stuff.
We know personal photographic wall art is powerful because it allows you to to look upon yourself from the outside to realize the beauty and strength of YOU & your relationships.
Contact us today for a no-obligation creative design session to capture your person in a stunning and beautiful way.

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Wall Art Consulting

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 9.20.10 PM
Look at the image above.  Imagine having gorgeous, custom wall art like this of YOU in your home.  Amazing right?
If you are like most people, you wouldn’t even know where to start to have photography turned into something like this.  
What size?  What finish? Canvas?  Metal? Framing? Colors?  
You don’t know, so you do what most people do who have had a “Photo Session” from a photographer who just offers a low cost  disc –
Absolutely Nothing!  
Lots of “photographers” also don’t know, so they just focus on the disc.

We feel very strongly that it is a huge DIS-SERVICE to our clients to just leave them hanging with a disc, because they will completely miss out on the VALUE of the work we have created for them. 
We will be there with you to guide you through the wall art creation to get you something that is right for your home that you will LOVE.  This is our commitment to you! 

Adventure Sessions

We’re passionate about “The Ocean Life” (surfing, SUP, swimming, diving, running on the beach).  Like many of us in SoCal, the ocean is just a part of who we are.

Beach Shoot offers a unique opportunity to have beautiful, meaningful imagery created of you doing what you love in the ocean.  We’ll create a special collection of environmental portraits and action.

And then we’ll guide you through the wall art creation  process to bring the ocean into your home in a stunning way.

To see an example of this check out the collection and wall art we created for Amber…


How We Work With Clients

1) Design Session


Chat-icon copy
This is where we get to learn about you and to dream up the images you envision & the wall art from them you would like to create & own.

This is a meeting in the studio or online meeting for those coming to San Diego. We’ll make a plan for the shoot go over logistics, styling, wardrobe, products, and pricing.
It is during the design session where we’ll schedule the day and time of your Shoot, and the day and time of your Presentation/ Ordering Session.
When you are ready to start the process, contact us to arrange your Creative Design Session.
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2) Photo Session

With our plan in place, you’ll be on our calendar.  Come ready for a relaxed & fun experience, and we’ll do what we do best which is making epic images of you looking amazing in your element. We promise we’ll deliver the images we dreamed up together during the consultation!

3) Presentation

Ordering Session

apple_cinema_display_back copy
This is probably the BEST and MOST IMPORTANT part. 1-5 days after your session, We’ll meet in the mobile studio (or skype if gone), and you’ll be blown away as we present your lifestyle portraits.
This will be your first look at the visuals (except for a possible sneak peek of 1-2 images shared on Facebook). This is the final meeting, and we will help you narrow down to your favorite portraits, and then make ALL decisions pertaining to your order. Presentations take about 1.5 hours to finalize your artwork, and we’ll be there to assist you through all the details.
You will NOT experience high pressure sales or low quality products. You will see true art and crazy awesome portraiture! We’ll make it easy, simple and enjoyable. In about 2-3 weeks, your order will arrive. It comes ready to install (we’re talkin a few nails on the wall and done!) Soak up the inspiration and amazing feel of your entirely new living space.
You will love it!
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Creative Professional Team


Daniel Woods

Owner/ Photographer


Megan Gilbert

Partner/ Photographer

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